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Terumo Medical Care Solutions aspires to be your collaborative partner in addressing healthcare challenges, by cultivating beneficial surroundings for optimal performance and delivering innovative services and technologies.

Perioperative Solutions

In the perioperative period, intraoperative administration of medications requires adjustment of administration and accurate recording of procedures. Early post-operative discharge from hospital can be supported through measures to promote prompt recovery, pain management, and prevent complications. This in turn contributes to hospital management by improving operating efficiency and safety through the linking of equipment systems, and by supporting early hospital discharges by helping to reduce postoperative pain and supporting early postoperative nutrition.

Bedside Care Solutions

On the wards, daily vital sign and blood glucose measurements, administration of drugs by infusion pumps and syringe pumps, and their documentation occupy the majority of clinical time. To improve the efficiency and safety of such tasks, we build smooth workflows using linked device systems, contributing to work-style reform.

Infection Prevention Solutions

Medical institutions take a comprehensive approach toward preventing infection, integrating various policies such as the establishment and implementation infection prevention systems, training and education, as well as infrastructure development, including the introduction of new products. We aim to understand and remain close to initiatives in medical settings, delivering not only products, but solutions needed by the medical field to support safe, reliable medical care for patients and healthcare professionals.

Women's Health Solutions

As women's lifestyles have changed in recent years, so there has been a growing need for healthcare addressing health issues specific to women that matches individual patients' wishes and values. We will provide solutions that expand treatment options, and make it easier to perform minimally invasive surgery at a greater number of facilities.

Cancer Drug Therapy Solutions

Cancer drug therapy using high-risk drugs can result in serious situations resulting from incidents such as healthcare professional exposure and extravascular leakage. While safe administration is a given, chemotherapy rooms are also required to streamline treatment times for patients traveling to hospital for treatment. In addition to our drug therapy support system, we are contributing to medical safety and operational efficiency in cancer drug therapy with our Closed-System Drug Transfer Device (CSTD) and indwelling needles that aim for stable indwelling.

Renal Care Solutions

Terumo promotes peritoneal dialysis as an easy way for patients to maintain their lifestyle. Together with providing devices that are easy to use and help prevent infection so that elderly patients, whose numbers have been increasing in recent years, can continue to receive peritoneal dialysis therapy safely and easily over long periods of time, the development of dialysate solutions that reduce the physical burden on patients, as well as the use of digital transformation, Terumo is contributing to kinder healthcare that is close to patients' lives.

Diabetes Care Solutions

People living with diabetes, no matter their age, must measure and manage their blood glucose levels on a daily basis, and administer medication such as insulin. Total support for daily diabetes treatment with consideration for the quality of life for people with diabetes, including easy-to-use blood glucose self-monitoring systems, injection needles designed to reduce pain and fear of injections, and tubeless patch-type insulin pumps that do not limit daily activities. In addition, support for self-management can be made more efficient through app-based digital management record sharing. We will support people living with diabetes to enjoy each day on their own terms.

Prevention and Critical Care Solutions

Due to aging populations and changes in lifestyles, lifestyle-related diseases are affecting a growing proportion of the population. In order to extend healthy life expectancy, it is important not only to prevent disease, but also to prevent the worsening of disease. Terumo is supporting people's day-to-day health management through vitals measurement devices and management applications.

(For pharmaceutical companies) Solutions to Maximize Drug Value

With the change in trend from oral small molecule drugs to injectable macromolecular and biopharmaceuticals in recent years, new challenges have arisen, including the administration of delicate biopharmaceuticals and administration of trace amounts of highly viscous drugs, and pharmaceutical compliance for combination devices. Drawing on our experience in pre-filled syringes, plastic syringes pre-filled with drugs, and Terumo's proprietary technology, we are proposing new devices to pharmaceutical companies and supporting the development and production of Drug & Device products that integrate drugs and administration devices.

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